We are the Viral Prosperity Super Team with over 50 years of combined experience in the network marketing industry. We have put together a system which allows you to learn our strategies and also earn an income with a 2 up system which you are paid instantly.

Skill Development

You will learn the skills to be an online marketer and an entrepeneur in no time with our training

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Monthly Residuals

We have an instant payment tracking system where you can earn RESIDUAL Income with our 2up compensation plan

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Digital Media

You will have access to monthly video courses made by professional online marketers on a monthly basis.

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Leverage Up

We have multiple packages where you can leverage your skill and income with our 3 pack master courses.

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Just imagine the possibilites using our 2up instant payment tracking system. Your earnings will grow daily, weekly or monthly. This is your chance to connect and learn from top earners in this industry.

Pay off your home, pay a year worth of rent, just imagine what you can do with the money earned from this system. We know how it is to pay rent every single month and bills comes residually. Why not get paid residually as well.

Get a brand new house, a new car, a new wardrobe for you and your family. New things is always a good thing. You can be up to date with all the techs and gadgets. But a NEW home... nothing can beat that for sure.

Pay for your children's college education. We know education is the most important thing in life. Your child will want to be the next doctor, lawyer or an entrepeneur. You will have the money to pay any education your child needs.

Pay off your debt, credit card, bills, garnishments, judgements. Be financially free from all debt. Pay off your mortgage, car note, college loans. Yes... you can pay all that off with just working our simple plan.

Gain assets. Cars, homes, gold, crypto. The more assets you have, the more you are protected. You never know how our financial system will end up in the future. As long as you have assets, you are safe.

Travel across the world. Go to places you have never been before. Spain, Mexico, UK, Dubai. Take your family with you and have a great adventure at Disney Orlando of visit your family across the country.

Our Compensation Plan

Below you will see the potential of how much you can earn on a daily, weekly or monthly plan.


You will earn 50% commission on every sale and you will also get 50% commission from sales of your referrals 2 passups. All this on a monthly basis.


Being on the Elite Level, you will get more training and also leverage your income for a potential six figure income. Just look at the possibilities.


The path to 1 million dollars. Yes, that is the potential. Just imagine being at a level where you can earn in high levels. With hard work and dedication, the sky is the limit.


We Create Leaders & Have The Best Strategy Plan

Let's Work Together


Read what our members have to say about our program. You will see how powerful this 2 up system is. I welcome you to join our team and let us know what you think about it. You will not be disappointed with VPS.


I am very excited about VPS! Since joining I was able to earn within 2 days over $1100.00 but I'm even more excited about the fact that you can learn once and for all how to build an online business thru YouTube, Instagram, Email marketing and soo much more which is a huge way to make money with so much valuable information in this program! Too excited about this marketing education training system! Sharing is caring

- Selena Jackson -

OMG, VPS is amazing. I was Only in just a couple of hours and already making money this is real yall. Check the video out and see how powerful this really is! Thank Domonique and Erron!

- Jacklyn Davis -

Hello great VPS members... Woot Woot.. VPS works.. Lets gooooo. I have this for first day. Amazing opportunity. Thank you boss Domonique Barbee

- Amahwe Juliet -

Wow woke up to this Blessing if I added you here don’t sleep on this one... get back with me so I can send my link !!! Let’s get it .... TY Domonique

- Estella McCoy -


It All Begins Here

$50.00 /monthly
  • Receive 50% Commission Of $25/Monthly
  • 1 Essential Book Per Month
  • Mentorship On How To Create Unlimited Income
  • FB Money Making Secrets/Craiglist Training
  • Access To The Secret Weapon Toolbox
  • Plus 25,000 Banner and Text Ad Credits


It Gets Better

$200.00 /one-time
  • Receive 50% Commission of $100 Over and Over
  • Instagram King Secrets
  • Youtube For Beginners
  • Secret FB Money Hacks
  • 100,000 Banner and Text Ad Credits
  • Support


The Best is Here

$1000.00 /one-time
  • Receive 50% Commission of $500 Over and Over
  • Courtesy 3-5 Day Vacation
  • Email Marketing Compound Formula
  • Access to Wholesale Designer Products
  • Automatic Millionaire System
  • 500,000 Banner and Text Ad Credits

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